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Elderly Live-in Care at Christmas: How Does it Work?

Elderly live-in care at Christmas works very similarly to live in care at other times of the year. A person’s care needs will not change over the festive period, nor does the live-in care available. Many elderly live-in care companies operate similarly, providing an alternative carer or specific arrangements on a case by case basis.


In this guide, The Live in Care Company considers elderly live-in care at Christmas, how it works, and covers any questions relatives or individuals have.

This guide will cover:

How does live-in care work at Christmas?

Do live-in carers work on Christmas day?

Respite live-in care at Christmas?

How can a live-in carer help at Christmas?


How does live-in care work at Christmas?

Elderly live-in care during the Christmas period works very similarly to care that is provided during the rest of the year. Someone’s care needs will not diminish during the holiday season and a carer is often still required for those with complex needs.


Live-in care may change at Christmas if the live-in carer wants to take some holiday and therefore a respite carer is often arranged. At other times families may want to spend Christmas with their loved one so they may choose to take on the role of carer during this time or they may ask a carer to accompany their loved one to family events. The arrangements are dependent on what is agreed between you, your loved one and the live-in carer.


It is a good idea to prepare and organise arrangements ahead of time, to ensure everyone is aware of what is happening over the Christmas period. This can be beneficial for you so that you can arrange Christmas plans as necessary and also for your loved one who may be looking forward to the Christmas period.


If your loved one has dementia, then making them aware of plans ahead of time can help minimise potential confusion. Their live-in carer can prompt and remind them about what is happening over the Christmas period in the weeks leading up to it and then if a respite carer is required or there is a change to their usual routine, it may be easier for them to accept and adapt to.


Do live-in carers work on Christmas day?

Live-in carers usually work on Christmas Day, but this should be agreed with them beforehand. It may be that they want to spend the day with their own family and therefore a respite carer can be brought in to cover the shift. You may also feel that you would like your loved one to spend Christmas Day with you, and therefore, you may agree for the live-in carer to have the day off or just work in the morning or the evening for that day. You may even want the carer to join your family for Christmas or if you are visiting your loved one in their home, then a carer can be present to help your loved one prepare for the visit.


The advantage of a live-in carer is that they are often flexible and have a well-established relationship with the cared-for individual and their family, making communication easier. Before the Christmas period it can be helpful to communicate with the live-in carer about what their plans are for taking holiday over Christmas and to establish early on whether a Christmas carer will need to cover for them.


Respite live-in care at Christmas

Respite care is when a temporary carer takes the place of the usual carer. This is usually because the usual carer is unavailable for a short period of time, whether that is due to taking time off from work, having a holiday, or in an emergency. It is understandable that during Christmas, your usual live-in carer may wish to take time off. A respite carer can come into your loved one’s home and pick up the duties that the usual live-in carer manages.


It can be daunting to leave your loved one with a new live-in carer, at any time, let alone during Christmas when you may be worried about your loved one feeling alone. However, respite care can be beneficial for the cared for individuals in that the new carer provides variation to their usual routine and a new face around the house can help stimulate social skills.


How can a live-in carer help at Christmas?

Elderly live-in care at home can be helpful around Christmas as there are opportunities for the carer to help with various Christmas activities, duties, and events. Some activities that a live-in carer may be able to support include cooking Christmas meals, helping to decorate the house, running errands, and taking your loved one to visit family and friends. A live-in carer will also be able to provide your loved one with much-needed companionship during these colder, winter months when your loved one may feel the effects of isolation more. Christmas is often thought to be synonymous with family, warmth, and love, so if your loved one lives alone then a live-in carer can provide them with that companionship.


Elderly live-in care is an option for those who may be less able to manage daily activities the way they used to and this can be important particularly for those people who need dementia care. Dementia can cause your loved one to lose aspects of their cognition, such as memory, reasoning, and language. With the support of a live-in carer, your loved one will be able to receive support within the comfort of their own home. A live-in carer will understand the needs of your loved one and tailor their support to match these needs. They can help you and your loved ones to continue with the Christmas festivities without worrying about the safety and wellbeing of the person with dementia. A live-in carer will help take away some of the stress around supporting your loved one at family occasions and making sure that they are safe and warm during the colder months. They can manage medication and personal care duties, which can help free up time for you to focus on the bond you have with your loved one rather than the practical responsibilities that come with supporting someone with dementia.


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