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Reasons Why People Choose Elderly Live-in Care

Are you or a loved one transitioning to elderly live-in care? This guide from The Live in Care Company takes you through all the questions you may have to help you prepare.

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Round the clock care

A live-in carer can provide round the clock care when you need it. Most people who use the services of a live-in carer really benefit from the knowledge that a designated person is on call 24 hours a day to support and care for them.  This also means that the family of the person who is being cared for can rest easy in the knowledge that a carer is sleeping in the same household and providing security and support. If someone’s needs are very high it may mean having two carers to split the duties, so that one carer is not being overworked. However, you can feel reassured that there is someone there to support you.

Familiar surroundings

Home care means that you are able to remain in the familiar, safe environment of your own home. This can be really important to someone active within their community and it can help maintain social connections. Within the elderly, loneliness is often thought to contribute to reduced psychological wellbeing and, therefore, keeping someone within their community can be crucial in preserving a person’s quality of life.

Staying at home also allows for pets to remain within your care. Pet duties can be supported by a live-in carer to ensure their wellbeing is not compromised. It can be a difficult time to be separated from pets when having to move to a care home, so live-in elderly care at home can help avoid these difficult emotional losses.

Remaining at home means that neighbours and friends that form part of a person’s friendship group can easily remain in touch with and provide support to the person receiving care help to maintain their quality of life.

Works to your schedule

Live-in care agencies can provide carers that work to fit your schedule. This means that the care services always respect your boundaries and privacy wishes, and your personal preferences will be outlined in your support plan. What is most important to remember is that your live-in carer will be someone who you feel comfortable around, carefully matched to your personality and interests. Many of our carers become more like friends with the people they support. With you at the centre of your live-in care support plan, each day is run your way. Unlike within a residential care home, you set the timetable and schedule.

Adapts to your exact needs

Specialist and tailored one-to-one support can be provided by live-in care agencies. Within a care home, this is often not possible due to a low staff to client ratio which means staff are often having to care for multiple clients. When a carer lives within your home, they can offer their full attention to you, ensuring that all your needs are met in a timely, efficient manner. For example, if you would like to shift dinner time or bedtime this will not be a problem to a live in carer.

Can provide a closer relationship with the carer

Usually, with live-in care, one or two carers are involved with the care at home. This allows for continuity of care since there is not a rotation of multiple carers taking care of you as there might be with a large team of domiciliary care workers that visit during the day. With just one or two carers, a closer bond can be formed between the carers and the cared-for individual.


This can foster a healthier environment for you and the carers are able to develop a clear understanding of your needs by being around you frequently and observing where the care is required.  Things which are as simple as a carer knowing what television programme or radio station their client likes to listen to, whether they prefer tea or coffee and how you like your breakfast to be prepared in the morning can make you feel understood and well-cared for.  You and your loved ones will also feel safer knowing that the carers are familiar to you and that they understand what is required from their care duties.

Live-in care vs care home

Live-in care is often preferable to a care home. Given the choice, it is said that 97% of people would prefer to stay in their own homes instead of going into a residential care home. The main reason for this is that people prefer to remain in their own home, with their belongings, pets, garden and familiar community rather than going to live with strangers in a strange place. Read our guide on live-in care vs a care home which explores this more in-depth.

How do I find a live in carer for elderly?

A live-in care agency (also known as an introductory agency) can provide a live-in carer to suit the needs of an individual or a couple requiring care at home.  The agency should take the time to understand individual preferences, needs and circumstances to match an appropriately skilled and experienced live-in home help for the elderly.

How we can help

At The Live in Care Company, we make the process of arranging live-in care straightforward and stress-free.  We often provide two carers to clients who can provide 24 -7 waking care. Our expert team will be happy to speak to you and will take the time to understand your situation and your needs and will match you with a wonderful live-in carer. Fill out our enquiry form or request a callback to find out more.



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