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Case Study of Margaret from Leeds

Margaret lives in Leeds and has been living there all her life. She has been in her present home for the last 57 years. Margaret suffers with low blood pressure, often feels dizzy and is at risk of falling.

She has had a couple of nasty falls causing her to break both hips, resulting in her needing to use a walking frame at all times.

Her daughter Sandra lives two hours away and due to her work and family commitments, cannot be on hand to support her mother at all times.
When she contacted us, Sandra explained that initially Margaret had been receiving 2 home care visits a day to help with personal care. After her first fall, they then added in a night carer to assist if she needed to get up to use the toilet in the night. They were worried she would fall again. Unfortunately Margaret did fall again, however this occurred during the day whilst she was alone.

When Margaret was discharged from hospital, Sandra arranged for a day carer to stay at home with her for 12 hours. This carer would then be replaced by a night carer each day. Initially the plan worked well but Margaret was feeling increasingly anxious as she was seeing different carers daily and was getting exhausted with having to explain where everything was in the house to so many different people. In addition to this, financially paying for day and night carers was causing the family to have care bills of around £2500 a week. Sandra explained that even though Margaret had a healthy savings pot, the money was not going to last forever.

She contacted us after finding our website online. She had briefly looked through our services and saw the average cost of live in care was less than half of what she was currently paying so she called us to find out more.
We explained how live in care operated, we highlighted the flexibility of contract lengths, continuity of care and the reassurance that Margaret would have not only a carer, but a companion as well.

It was important for Sandra and Margaret to feel comfortable with the carer they hired, therefore once they had selected a carer that we put forward to them, we arranged for them to have a video call so that both parties could get to know each other.

Following the success of this call, Sandra contacted us to confirm booking of their chosen live in carer. The carer had told us that she would like to work a rota pattern of 5 weeks on and one week off. Sandra said that this worked perfectly for her as she would like to cover the main carer’s break whenever possible. We assured her that if she could not, we could send in a cover carer of similar experience and personality. Sandra was pleased with this arrangement as it meant that she could plan her work and family commitments accordingly, knowing that her mother was well taken care of.

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