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Tania T

I lost my Mum when she was 47 and my Dad when he was 56 and I never had the opportunity to take care of either of them, so I have a great desire to want to give to others what I could not give to them.

I feel that I also learn a great deal about myself from caring roles, such as resilience and the value of life.  I find it a humbling experience and a privilege to be part of someone’s final years.

I trained as a medical laboratory technician but it was difficult to work in South Africa at the time so I developed other skills which made it easier to be at home more often for my son. I have been in charge of a cleaning company in a hospital, worked in medical recruitment and I worked in a hospice where I dealt with families in palliative care and elderly volunteers who I supported with their fundraising.

A few years ago, my son was studying in Taiwan and I moved there to help support him and, as such, I worked as an English teacher whilst there. My time as a teacher helped me to develop relationships with a wide variety of people, which has been a key requirement for being a successful carer. I moved to the UK last year and I have worked in care ever since.

I love to read, watch movies and TV, such as nature programmes and Strictly Come Dancing. I am happiest in the outdoors and enjoy gardening and taking daily walks, which feel like a wonderful freedom here in the UK since it was less safe to walk alone in South Africa. I also enjoy scrapbooking and cooking wholesome meals such as stews, casseroles and soups. At first, I was not so good at cooking fish as it needs perfect timing but since so many of my clients like fish, I feel like I’m an expert now!

Tania is confident in her abilities and is able to adapt to any situation. She has undertaken excellent care training and she has experience of working alongside other carers and health care professionals which has helped her to develop as a carer. She also understands the importance of being able to work in both a team and on her own.

She has cared for clients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke, those that are frail in body and those at the end of their lives. She is experienced in caring for clients that require full bed care, incontinence care and convene support. She has used mobility aids such as rolators, and Sarah Stedy to assist her clients to stand. She worked with a couple who had seven floors in their house, which Tania helped them take care of, so she is not shy of helping around the house.

She understands the importance of building up relationships with both her client and their family and is mindful of respecting the client’s privacy and dignity.

“Each person deserves respect and kindness no matter what their needs are. It is a privilege to be able to serve them and I find the role of a live-in carer very rewarding.”

Tania is very conscientious and kind. She knows when to provide support and when to step back to let the family make decisions. She always double checks anything that she is unsure of to ensure the highest quality of care is provided.

“Tania was employed to care for my mother just before she died. Unfortunately, whilst she was there my mother passed away. Tania coped with the situation very well. She was very kind and caring towards my mother and was understanding of the family’s emotions during this time.”- Daughter of client

Tania prefers longer-term placements and she is happy to work with couples, and both men and women.

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