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Miriam M

I started off my career working in psychology and counselling. One day, after work, I was driving the long distance back home when I met a young woman who looked distressed and lost on the M25.

I stopped to check that she was ok and noticed she was crying. I picked her up and drove her back to my house since she had no idea where she was or where she was going.  Once at home, I asked to look at her phone and found a number for “Mum”. I called this number and I had a long conversation with her Mum who explained that her daughter was going through a deep depression and had taken a coach to London from Wiltshire. Her daughter had missed her coach following a pit stop and she was trying to walk the long way home. I comforted her for a few hours whilst I waited for her parents to arrive. Following this, they wrote me a letter that was so touching about how I had saved their daughter’s life and changed their lives. They pointed out some very emotive things about me and I felt I wanted to make a difference and become a carer, so I volunteered in my local nursing home on Saturdays. The more I worked here the more I realised my passion for caring, I had just never thought that I would have been any good at it. The team at the nursing home encouraged me and told me that I should get my NVQ in Care since I had a talent for the work. I went and achieved my qualifications and I have carried on building skills since then. I continued my counselling support alongside my caring roles but recently, now that I have reached a point in my life when my children are away from home and I am tired of the daily commute, live-in care is the perfect opportunity for me to have the space to do what I love and to make a difference to other people’s lives.

I am interested in cooking and exercising and I like Gospel music, since I am a Christian.

In my spare time I am passionate about bringing communities together and supporting young people and their families, particularly those from African families who are torn between British and African culture. I am from Uganda so I have experience with how the differences in culture can divide families and I want to try to help others.

Miriam is a highly motivated, reliable, and trained carer. She prides herself on being organised and a team player, whilst holding skills that help her provide the highest quality of care. She says that she has a great sense of humour and counselling skills that come into use whilst caring for her clients.

Miriam is a safe driver and has held her driving license for 18 years. This has been really useful when taking clients out to the supermarket or for activities or social events.

Miriam has experience with supporting people with many different conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke, and other age-related conditions, ensuring that she is well rehearsed with managing the ailments and difficulties that arise from these. She has found that her quick-thinking skills have allowed her clients to safely rely on her to support them when they need.

As a live-in carer, Miriam assists her clients with the running of their households and she does this whilst ensuring it is performed in a way her clients are used to and are most comfortable with.

“My role is to support, and not take over. I will encourage my clients to be as independent as possible, but be on hand to help whenever they need.”

Her duties often include helping with personal care, food shopping, taking care of laundry, preparing meals, prompting medication and keeping the house clean.

She has also found that she thrives on being a great companion to her clients and she likes to listen to their family members to get to know her clients best. She also finds that this can help build up a bond between herself and her client to make the working relationship most successful.

“Miriam’s quality of work was excellent, as were the relationships Miriam formed with her colleagues and clients. I never had any reason to doubt Miriam’s honesty and would have no problem re-employing her”- Former Employer

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