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Brenda E

I have worked as a General Registered Nurse in South Africa for many years, although I am now retired. I was an experienced palliative care nurse and served on the Hospice Board of Directors in South Africa.

I have really dedicated my life to helping others and I have always been very caring and compassionate. I am fully aware that, as people grow older, or become incapacitated through ill health, they experience fear – fear of being alone – fear of being a burden on others, fear of suffering – I absolutely LOVE doing my best to dispel those fears and bring hope and joy, as well as fun, into their lives. I believe that we are on this earth for a short time and our purpose is to be kind to others and help them on their journeys, for everyone is suffering in some way, often unknown to others.

Brenda has been working as a live-in carer here in the UK and has worked with a variety of clients and conditions including Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Lymphedema and Carcinoma, to name a few.
“My experience with this variety of clients, as well as my previous nursing career, has given me the skills needed to provide high quality care and support to any client that I am booked to care for. My intuitive and empathetic nature helps me to develop a relationship with both my client and their family support network.”
Brenda recently worked with a lady who required end of life care. Brenda was extremely caring and helpful with not only her client but also the wider family. Brenda really understands people and the family kept Brenda on after their Mother died since she helped them to organise the house and sort everything out so well!

Brenda is incredibly dedicated to her work and devotes herself fully to the role. She is extremely honest and supports people selflessly. Her nursing experience is a great asset for her role as a carer as she can make sense of the medications many of her clients have to take and communicate with healthcare professionals.

My hobbies include cooking, gardening, reading and baking. I absolutely love to cook! I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and so I really enjoy studying online. World politics are also of great interest to me so I keep myself updated on a daily basis. I also really enjoy hair dressing so, if my clients so wish, I do exactly that for them. I am very energetic and like being kept busy and am fastidious about cleanliness and hygiene in a home.

“Brenda is our Mary Poppins! She swept in and supported us after my father suddenly became very ill and was hospitalised for the first time. When my father came home she nursed him and cared for him impeccably as well as making sense of the hundreds of pills he was on in the most intelligent and diligent way.” – Daughter of Client

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