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What Gift Can I Buy My Elderly Relative This Christmas?

It’s that time of year again when we start frantically thinking of what to buy for our loved ones. Buying gifts for children is easy as they are always excitedly received, and we often know what our partners would like, or we can see what they need.

Older relatives are not so easy to buy for, they may be living in a small apartment, or they may not have much interest in a mountain of material gifts.

Here at LiveInCare HQ we’ve put found 5 lovely gifts that we think will put a smile on the face of your elderly loved ones:

For a story lover: Those of us who love a good tale may struggle to read a book comfortably as we age, the words may be very small and many books are heavy and can be cumbersome to hold comfortably. Enter the audiobook. If your loved one has a CD player, or tablet, why not treat them to a beautiful classic, such as George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, brought to life by a wonderful cast for a brand-new BBC radio 4 drama.

  1. For a those who enjoy family photos: A digital photo frame can be a real joy to an elderly relative who likes being around lots of family. With a constantly changing album of photos, the digital frame can be updated whenever you choose and a whole host of wonderful memories can be included. We like this Bush photo frame, available from Argos.
  2. For a loved one living with dementia: If you have a loved one living with a later stage of dementia, they may be restless and in need of some relaxation. We think that a Twiddle Muff is a great gift. It keeps fidgety fingers busy with its colourful array of tactile fabrics and is a wonderful sensory tool. Unforgettable have a lovely Twiddle Muff that is safe, comfortable and well designed.
  3. For those who would rather give to others: If you have an older relative who isn’t particularly bothered about gifts, why not consider a charity card? Through charities such as Oxfam you can donate on behalf of the recipient, such as this Education for Girls card, which will help girls in poorer countries attend school.
  4. The Gift of Time: Arguably the most important gift of all. In our experience, the gift most people want from family and friends is the gift of time. That might mean inviting them for Christmas dinner, it might mean popping in for a cuppa at regular intervals and just having a chat. Loneliness can affect us all, but the physical challenges of old age can make it harder for us to get out and socialise. Just calling in to say hello can make a real difference to the lives of others.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Christmas gift suggestions, it’s not always easy to buy for older relatives but just knowing someone is thinking about you, not just at Christmas, can make a world of difference.


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