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With UK Facing Care Worker Shortage, How Live in Care Can Bridge the Gap

Half of the British public are not confident that friends or family would be well looked after in a care home, as trust in care homes slumps, according to a nationwide poll.

Research by The Guardian found that 9 out of 10 older people believe there are not enough care staff, and half have lost confidence in the standard of care homes since the start of the pandemic.

Over 165,000 adult social care jobs remain vacant, including more than 1 in 10 care worker posts. This severely impacts the quality of care since those that are working will find additional burdens and stressors upon them due to the lack of staff. This blog explores this critical subject, explaining how live in care can help to bridge the gap. 

Understanding the Care Worker Shortage

Care workers deliver critical daily living support services, allowing older persons, those with chronic conditions, or persons with disabilities to receive needed care within their own homes and to support with the maintenance of independence.

However, long hours, minimal pay, challenging working environments and lack of investment have all contributed to persistent staff shortages. Over 110,000 new care workers must enter the field yearly for the next ten years to even come close to the projected demand as waiting lists continue swelling.

Impacts on the Elderly and People With Disabilities

When care is insufficient, or there is limited capacity to take on vulnerable individuals, either in their home or in care homes, many miss out on appropriate care and accommodation.  Estimates show over 5,000 older adults pass away yearly while awaiting approval for necessary home services.

Furthermore, the burden often falls on family members to serve as the sole unpaid caregiver, which can then impact the family unit and affect other responsibilities that family members have. Delayed hospital discharges also become commonplace when there is inadequate aftercare in place. This can result in seniors remaining in hospital beyond their required stay and limits others who may need a hospital bed.

Government Strategies to Recruit More Care Workers

In recent years, the government has funded skills programs and national multimedia campaigns to fill vacancies by enhancing public perceptions of vital care roles. Immigration policy additions also now incentivise experienced global care professionals to relocate to fill regional demands.

While these show some positive first steps, effectively overcoming current shortages requires significant, continued investments and further policy changes that will sustainably improve care worker experiences and retention long-term.

How Live-In Care Can Help Bridge the Gap

Good quality live-in care services help bridge significant gaps for those whose care packages are insufficient or limited. This also helps to support the strained system which is trying to manage astronomical caseloads. These professional caregivers move into service users’ homes to provide bespoke, around-the-clock care, whilst maximising quality of life. 

Live-in carers manage household tasks, medication administration, mobility assistance and companionship. Carers work 1-on-1 directly with clients, allowing them to remain comfortably within their communities rather than in institutional settings. Reputable live-in care agencies recruit, train and oversee local carers who respectfully support the diverse needs of those seeking care. 

Whilst not a wholesale solution, well-supported live-in care provides a critical lifeline and versatile elevated standard of person-centred care for senior citizens enduring waitlisted packages or unsuitable facilities amidst endemic staff shortages.

Choose The Live In Care Company

Choosing a live-in care provider for your loved one is a significant and sometimes challenging decision. By thoroughly identifying your loved one’s requirements, finding a trustworthy agency, conducting comprehensive interviews, and deciding as a family, you can ensure that you choose a caregiver who will provide high-quality, compassionate care.

Learn more about how The Live In Care Company can provide the right support and resources for all your loved one’s needs.

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