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UK public fear for family in care homes – Here’s how Live in Care can help

Over several years, families up and down the UK have lost faith in care homes, a supposed safe place for loved relatives in their old age. With the levels of trust slumping, half of the British public lack confidence that their friends and family will be well looked after. 

Reports say that these figures have heightened since the start of the pandemic, leaving families worried about the future health of their relatives. We take a deeper dive into this issue and highlight just how live in care could be the solution that so many families are seeking.

What is a care home?

A care home, sometimes called a nursing home, is a large residential building that houses multiple elderly people in need of care. Care homes are beneficial for bringing personal care as well as accommodation to those who require around-the-clock care. 

Care homes are typically associated with older people, often for those who have lost a spouse and are unable to care for themselves or suffer from illnesses such as dementia. However, care homes can also care for younger adults with similar difficulties or needs.

What are the problems care homes are facing?

As with thousands of businesses in the UK, care homes are feeling the pinch on their budget following the effects of Covid-19. This directly impacts various aspects of the homes, including inadequate staffing levels and the ability to house people safely. 

With the demand for agency staff rising, so does the cost. As businesses struggle to recover, health establishments such as care homes, are fighting to care for those who need it.

Introducing live in care 

Live in care is an incredible alternative to a care home, allowing relatives to be cared for in their own homes. What live in care has to offer above that of care homes is the familiar, direct and tailored level of care that elderly individuals receive to help them feel safe and secure whilst remaining in a familiar environment. 

Live in carers are highly experienced in adapting to a home environment and are professionals at ensuring the care they provide is tailored to the individual’s needs. Whether it be personal care or companionship, those in need of assistance can undoubtedly benefit from the help of a live-in carer.

How can Live in Care solve the problems care homes face? 

For starters, live in care can mitigate the risk of unwanted illnesses, which are renowned for spreading in care homes. As carers in care homes are providing support to various individuals in a short amount of time, illnesses can spread. Live in care can reduce the risk of elderly relatives catching life-threatening diseases. 

Live in care also reduces the likelihood of an elderly family member going without much-needed care due to a staff shortage. As a carer lives within the house, they are always available to deliver the care needed. 

Finally, live in care is often a more gentle option financially. Costs don’t include accommodation or additional services such as laundry and cooking. Live in care proves to be the kinder on the wallet of those needing consistent quality care. 

Give your family the care they deserve

At the Live in Care Company, we believe your relatives should have the highest quality care and support in their golden years. We allocate only the best carers. For more information on how we can transform your family’s life, please get in touch.

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