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Best Mobile Apps for the Elderly

Discover some of the best apps for seniors, from live-in elderly care specialists at The Live in Care Company.

Health and Wellbeing Apps for Seniors


You receive personalised reminders of each medication and when to take the medication. You will also be reminded of when prescriptions are running low. It can also keep track of your medications so that it is easy for a medical professional to have a list of medications if you need to show them.

Pill Reminder Pro

This app will send a daily message reminder to take the correct medication at the right time.

Daily yoga

Yoga is a great way to heal and restore the body and mind. It can be easily incorporated into the day and is suitable for older adults to help them keep their flexibility and strength. Daily yoga is an app that includes not only yoga exercises that range from beginner classes to advanced classes but there are also Pilates and meditation classes available.


This app can track your diet plans, your exercise and any weight loss plans you may have. It can help you set a goal and stick to it for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Sleep Cycle 

This app can help you improve your sleep with an intelligent alarm clock and a tracker that can monitor your patterns to wake you up in your lightest sleep phase. Sleep is something many of us struggle with and it can be down to poor routines. This kind of app is perfect for those who need a hand with getting to sleep and can help encourage a strict sleeping routine.

Pocket Physio

This app will guide someone through physiotherapy exercises so that they can recover from an injury or from surgery.


A voice-activated app that can stimulate the cognitive abilities of elderly people and people with dementia.


This is an application that focuses on mindfulness and meditation. It is highly recommended for those people who want to start meditation or continue with their practice. Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and sleep better.

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Socialising Apps for Seniors

Catching up with loved ones will be an important part of daily life for an elderly person. Connecting with friends and family can help create a feeling of companionship, and stop your relative from feeling too lonely or isolated. Companionship for elderly people has a number of benefits and can keep the mind active and healthy.


Zoom is a popular app that can be downloaded and use to connect to people via video call.


WhatsApp is a video and messaging service to help friends and family stay connected.


Skype can be set up to call people abroad and to stay in touch with family and friends through video calling.

Entertainment Apps for Seniors

Words with friends

This is like a digital scrabble game but you can play with others making it a great way to train vocabulary whilst getting some social interaction.


You can find almost any video on YouTube including opera concerts, music, theatre, politics, news stories, entertaining videos and educational ones.


This app allows you to listen to a great number of audiobooks. Audiobooks are good for older adults who may feel more tired from reading or have eyesight difficulties.


If elderly people still enjoy reading text, then Kindle allows one to download a library of books that can be read on a phone or iPad. Text can be enlarged for easier reading.

TuneIn Radio

A phone can transform into radio and stream a number of different channels that the elderly person may wish to listen to. You can even find international radio stations.

Resourceful Apps for Seniors

BBC News

Stories are available and updated as they happen. You can have a personalised feed with a choice of thousands of topics so that you can get the news that matters most to you.

Dragon Dictation

This app will allow the user to use their voice to dictate a text message or an email to reduce the need to type.

The Weather Channel

Receive constant updates on the day’s weather and what to expect in the forecast so that you can plan your outings up to two weeks in advance.

Yummly Recipes

Browse 1000s of recipes with photos and clear instructions so that cooking can be fun and exciting.

Apps for elderly people with dementia

If your loved one is living with dementia, there may be some apps that can help them in various ways. Some apps state that their brain games can help engage brain areas that may be susceptible to decline in dementia, others will be able to provide entertainment in the form of music, word searches, photo albums or simple daily reminders.

There are apps that can also support those in the family who may be helping care for your elderly parents. Headspace is a fantastic app to help with your self-care, as caring can be tiresome and it is important to help keep yourself well.

With so many ways to communicate and connect these days, it can be hard to know where to start if you aren’t too familiar with the technology.

What sort of apps can my elderly parents use?

Apps for elderly parents may include ones that can make their lives a bit easier. Your parents may wish to use apps like WhatsApp or Facetime to video call you and your family. They may want to keep themselves entertained by reading the news on a newspaper app or they may prefer to do a daily crossword. If your parents have expressed interest in applications or think your parents could benefit from using some, then you might be able to advise them of some which are recommended. The list below describes some of the most recommended apps for seniors.


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