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5 best reasons to employ a live-in carer

The top 5 reasons why live-in care is a great way to receive care:

Affordable alternative to residential care

If you need 1 to 1 care around the clock, but you are not prepared to move to a care home, then having a live-in carer is a great option for you. It can be more cost-effective than many care homes. You will get the one-on-one care you need 24/7 retaining your independence while combating loneliness. Having a live-in carer means staying in your own home while building a meaningful relationship with your carer based on trust and mutual respect.

  1. Enjoy and maintain social life and hobbies

One of the most daunting aspects of going into residential care is leaving your social life behind. Having a live-in carer enables you to continue these activities where you live and explore new activities that you could not do without regular help. Your trusted live-in carer can support you to get out and about and perhaps visit a theatre or plan a day trip to your favourite seaside town.

  1. Ensure your health and well-being needs are catered for 24/7

People with conditions like dementia, MS, stroke or a disability can get person-centred care while enjoying living in their own home. Research shows that people with live-in carers have fewer falls and fractures than in residential settings. The benefits of having a live-in carer are beyond the physical, people are happier with a sense of freedom and better quality of life.

  1. Get more than just care

Live-in care is about addressing whole-life quality, rather than just the basic everyday needs. Having a live-in carer can provide more than just help with your everyday needs such as help with dressing, washing, or cooking.  People report that having a live-in carer has enabled them to live a fulfilling life.

  1. A sense of control and belonging

Unlike in most care homes, there are no fixed schedules and rules that you have to obey if you have a live-in carer. You are in control of your routine whether it is the time that you choose to have a breakfast or get ready for bed. Staying in a familiar environment can empower you to make the most of your days. A home is full of memories and possessions that make it that special place, and having a live-in carer as opposed to going into residential care will allow you to stay close to all that is dear to you. Live-in care helps partners to stay together for many more years and of course you can stay close to your beloved pets.

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